I arrived in Cairo on the morning of 9th July 2011 and joined 32 other rover scouts from all over the world for this great cultural event under the theme “Together to share cultures”

This is an annual event organised by the Arab Scout Region Office with the aim of promoting cultural awareness and exchange, peace, tolerance, care for the environment and international cooperation.It involves visiting/touring various historical sites in Egypt,presentations on the cultures, traditions and general information about one’s country by each participant.Fun games, outdoor team building activities and sports are also part of the programmes.

Being a part of this gathering is a lifetime opportunity that any person would wish for.The country is beautiful, rich in history, the people are friendly and the food is also great.though I had problems getting used to it but now am so comfortable.I love so many things about Egypt and i have also learnt so much, not just about Egypt but even about the other countries represented here.And…Oh yes, I am even learning some Arabic ans Espanyol…its so thrilling.

I am not missiong home.Its not because I dont love my country but its because I dont want anything to come in between me and enjoying every bit of my stay here because I dont know if I will ever get another opportunity like this to come visiting again.Its fun, fun fun …all fun!

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