Nelson’s Diary: A Note from the Land of the Brave

What a perfect Scouting week! From meeting Scouts, adult volunteers and leaders of the National Scout Organisation to travelling across the country experiencing the impact of Scouting programmes in the community and meeting Scouting partners in the country. What more could I have asked for?

Celebrating the Power of Youth Work in the Commonwealth

I had the honour of representing the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) and the Commonwealth Alliance for Quality Youth Leadership at the 4th Commonwealth Conference on Youth Work which took place at the University of Reading, United Kingdom from 10-12 July 2023.

End of Mandate: Four Years of Service to Kanisa SACCO

After 4 years of service and due to changes in personal circumstances and priorities, I decided not to offer myself for re-election at the 41st Annual General Meeting on 11 March 2023 of Kanisa SACCO. It has been a challenging yet fulfilling experience with many lessons that I carry with me onto my next adventures wherever they may lead me.

Reflections of a 35 Year Old

Celebrating my 35th birthday is a turning point in many ways than one. As I begin the latter half of my 30s, I take this as a moment of reflection, contemplation, and celebration of my accomplishments so far. It is also a time of change and growth, as I start to reassess my career, relationships, lifestyle and responsibilities in society.

3 Ways to Take Responsibility for Your Life

Taking responsibility for one’s life and actions can be difficult but it’s very important if we are to live a contented life without the feeling that someone owes us. Here are 3 tips you can consider in your personal development journey this year.

Reflections from Mindelo: The State of the Africa-Europe Youth Cooperation

The Africa-Europe Youth Cooperation Programme is an initiative of the African Union and the European Union that enables exchanges between and the capacity-building of youth organisations, creating the framework and conditions for their active participation in the development of their societies, in decision/policymaking and in the implementation of the EU-Africa Strategic partnership.

How to Teach Your Children Financial Skills

As modern parents and guardians, there is a lot, we can do to teach our children financial skills in their infancy, adolescence and youth that will become a major asset in their adulthood. Here are a few ideas you can try out with your little ones, recognizing that this is a lifelong learning process, and the impact will only be visible over time.