Speech by Nelson Opany, Vice Chairperson of Kanisa SACCO at the 40th Anniversary Celebrations on 4th December 2021 at Desmond Tutu Conference Centre

Our Chief Guest,
Distinguished Members,
Ladies and gentlemen!

Welcome to this 40th Anniversary celebration of our SACCO. Thank you for honouring our invitation.

Kanisa SACCO was founded on and still pursues the principle of enhancing members’ economic foundation by encouraging and promoting a culture of saving and prudent borrowing. Although its conception began much earlier with the staff of the All-Africa Conference of Churches (AACC), (Kanisa SACCO) was formally registered by the Ministry of Cooperative Development on 10th August 1981 (Registration No: CS/3530) and licensed to undertake back-office savings activity.

The year 2021, therefore, marks forty years since its registration. Over these four decades, Kanisa SACCO has grown in membership, financial strength, and its impact in supporting the achievement of the dreams of its members across different spheres of society. For 40 years we have continued to build financially empowered individuals who support themselves, their families, and their community to achieve their goals.

Today, as we celebrate this great milestone, we recognize current and past members as well as other stakeholders who have stood with the Society on its journey to be a leading one-stop financial institution offering diverse products and services for members’ economic empowerment.

The theme for this 40th Anniversary celebration is “Prospering Together”.  It is an opportunity for us to achieve three things:

  1. Celebrating our Journey: To celebrate 40 years since the establishment of Kanisa SACCO
  2. Showcasing our Impact: To showcase the milestones and impact of Kanisa SACCO in the financial empowerment of its members
  3. Building our Future: To position Kanisa SACCO as a stable and reliable organization to drive its growth over the next decade

Since the year began, we have done many things that have led us to this day. The following as some of the commemorative activities we have undertaken:

  1. Implemented a targeted communication campaign to raise awareness about the Society and the celebrations on our website, social media channels, via SMS.
  2. Produced commemorative merchandise to create a sense of pride, joy and belonging among members, some of which you will also receive today.
  3. Held a successful Members Education Day that addressed personal development of members and emerging issues in the corporative movement
  4. Conducted Corporate Social Responsibility initiative with a focus on future savers, the young people, something we intend to upscale over the coming 10 years.
  5. Produced the first-ever documentary highlighting our journey and documenting our impact which we will screen to you later in this gathering.
  6. Opened our new and spacious and modernized SACCO Office to be able to better serve our members.
  7. Tonight, we will also recognize some of us who have been outstanding in our participation in the SACCO’s journey over the last four decades.

Even as we make merry, let us recommit ourselves to building a greater sense of pride, ownership, and patronage for our Society to spur growth into the next decade.

I welcome you to this dinner with the hope that you will not only have fun but also reflect on where we need to go next as a Society. Welcome and enjoy the evening!

Nelson Opany
Vice Chairperson, Kanisa Regulated Non-WDT SACCO
4 December 2021
Nairobi – Kenya

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