Dear Fellow Scouts,

I hope that this boosts your optimism for the leadership of the National Scouts Youth Forum knowing my long time aspiration is to serve the young people of this association and beyond through passion and commitment towards better scouting.

The Scouting Situation in Kenya

I believe that the National Scouts Youth Forum and Kenya Scouts Association in general needs to rise above these challenges that have in a way hampered its progressive growth and development.

Declining Membership

Need for creative and attractive scouting programmes that suit the dynamic needs of the young people

Unfavorable public image and lack of proper understanding of Scouting

Reduced impact of Scouting in the community

Low functionality of the associations and youth forum governance structures

Reduced commitment of leaders and volunteers in supporting the movement

Neglect of the Sea Scouting and Air Scouting branches of the movement

My Priorities for Kenya Scouting

Together, we must strive to undertake the following efforts with a view of re-branding and strengthening the movement to in-crease its relevance to the lives of young people and the community.

Pro-active development of marketing and management strategies

Re-evaluate and strengthen the Association’s governance structures

Revitalize Sea Scouting and Air Scouting to provide young people with wider opportunities to enjoy the movement

Rebuild the scouting image for a better understanding and appreciation by the public and to attract new members as well as retain existing ones

Increase the involvement of scouting at the grassroots in work that directly impact community members

Clearly define and strengthen the role of the Youth Forum and its Committees at all levels in the governance of Scouting in Kenya

Rethink of a management shift of scouting from an institutional body into a corporate entity with income generating strategies

Provide alternative programs especially for Rover Scouts targeting entrepreneurship and economic development.

I pledge to actively and selflessly pursue these priorities as my utmost responsibilities with great diligence and high sense of integrity if elected as the National Youth Chairman.

My Commitment

I have a greatly rewarding 15 years of experience in scouting through all the four sections. The leadership and teamwork skills acquired while serving in various capacities in the movement and through other engagements outside the movement may be richly applied to innovation in Kenyan Scouting.

If bestowed with an opportunity to contribute to scouting in Kenya and the world at large through the position of National Youth Chairman, I would honor this with my oath to dedicate only my best. I am Prepared!

Thank you for your support

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