I want to tell my story, but I need your help!

Dear Friends, For a couple of years, I have never shied away from sharing my life story with colleagues, friends and the young people I get the opportunity to interact with. This has always been inspired by a burning desire to allow others learn from the experiences and opportunities I have been fortunate to have […]

Emerging Better and Stronger Post 2020

The 2020 experience will undoubtedly affect our corporate and personal behaviours for many years to come. It would be very unfortunate if we fail to learn from its challenges and tap into the opportunities it has also created for innovation. Only those that are keen and intentional about embracing change will emerge better, stronger and relevant post-2020.

Live to Lead: Global Experts’ Perspectives on Leadership

In October 2019, I got an opportunity to attend the virtual Live2Lead Conference, hosted annually by the world-renowned leadership coach, John C. Maxwell. From the very inspiring and transformative talks, here are some perspectives from five leadership experts that spoke at the event which I hope will transform your view and approach to leadership, making […]

Managing Communications in Times of Crisis

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, on 14 July 2020, I had a virtual conversation with my friend and former classmate Morgan Ochieng. We talked about crisis communications, our role as communicators in such times and how organizations need to be better prepared to thrive amidst challenging times like what we were experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Five Lessons I Learned from Herman

We exchanged letters at least thrice every year – which he loved reading and replying to. In his honour, I would like to share a few lessons I picked from our correspondences with excerpts from the letters in his own words. Nelson Opany Last week when going through some of my stuff in the house […]

How Sponsorship Changed my Life

My sponsorship beneficiary experience is one without which I would not be the Nelson people know today – thanks to the generosity of total strangers. Looking back, I cannot be more grateful for the life-changing opportunity I got through these sponsorship programmes that allowed me to reclaim my life and make something out of the […]

My 13 Years Wait for a University Degree

Having waited for 13 years to achieve this milestone, I hope it inspires someone on what is possible when we remain hopeful, discover and pursue our passion, work hard and never stop dreaming. Whatever you desire is possible with determination. My encouragement is to never despair and to keep the faith. Go for it, as […]

To Help Other People: My COVID-19 Volunteering Experience

It’s been a truly inspiring journey that has now come to an end. I managed to feature seven out of ten stories, 70% if you will, which I am pleased to share with you. I have been touched by the work these young people from Kenya, Mozambique and Uganda are doing with so little resources. […]

Valuing People and Strategic Communications in Crisis Leadership

Sound leadership communication underscores the real importance of putting people and communications at the centre of crisis leadership. Achieving a blend between these two critical aspects is the hallmark of effective crisis and people management and can ultimately define the post crisis stability of an organization Nelson Opany As a leader, among the key considerations […]

Young Conservationists on the Rise

Amidst the novel pandemic, young leaders have continued to rise exponentially by actively engaging their communities and even organizing thought-provoking webinars around nature-based solutions to the current crisis. Hope abounds as among our 1.3billion Africans, the 226 million #youngvoices are loud and clearly in formation as the first line of protection. Behold, the young African […]