Voice, Friend and Hope for Vulnerable Widows

One of the greatest milestones for Women Pillar Alliance (WOPA) has been to see widows who had their pieces of land grabbed by their in-laws get it back and put it to good use to benefit themselves and their children. WOPA has managed to deliver justice through legal redress for tens of widows. Approximately 3,400 […]

Caring for Orphaned Children and Civil-War Widows in Mozambique

AGDC-M has supported over 3,000 orphaned children and 125 widows with their basic needs of food, clothing and education. 200 girls receive sanitary pads and other personal effects every month. They have also built an 80-seater community library and trained twenty-one facilitators to support the running of the Community Libraries Programme. Over 4,000 people have […]

We Have Faith

In support of the “We Have Faith, Act Now for Climate Justice” Campaign 2011 I have faith, and indeed we have faith;That we can guaranteeSustainable food production for our starving populationSo that the millions of people around the worldWhom circumstances have forced to go on fastingCan be able to have a plate of decent meals […]

Is Anything Ever Fair?

 A composition by Nelson Opany dedicated to all those who grapple with the daily challenges of life to find their rightful places in this cruel and unfair world. Sometimes I begin to wonder, and question myself;Is anything ever fair in this world?Many have fought for equality, fairness and justice,For so long, yet still there exists […]

UYDP in Kenyan Team at the Global Power Shift Summit in Turkey 2013

Istanbul-Turkey, 30th June 2013The Global Power Shift (GPS) summit was held at the Istanbul Technical University in Turkey from 24th to 30th June 2013. It brought together 500 young climate leaders, 60 volunteers and 40 staff drawn from 134 countries across the world for training, building a global community of climate actors and to launch a new […]

On Behalf of Africa

A Speech written and read by Nelson Ochieng Opany at the official Closing Ceremony of the 14th International Youth Gathering for Cultural Exchange on Monday, July 18, 2011 at the Cairo International Scout Centre in the Arab Republic of Egypt, on behalf of the Africa Scout Region. My dear brothers and sisters in Scouting, It […]

A New Dawn for Youth Leadership: Together we Shall Make it Happen

Dear Fellow Scouts, I hope that this boosts your optimism for the leadership of the National Scouts Youth Forum knowing my long time aspiration is to serve the young people of this association and beyond through passion and commitment towards better scouting. The Scouting Situation in Kenya I believe that the National Scouts Youth Forum […]