Five Lessons I Learned from Herman

We exchanged letters at least thrice every year – which he loved reading and replying to. In his honour, I would like to share a few lessons I picked from our correspondences with excerpts from the letters in his own words. Nelson Opany Last week when going through some of my stuff in the house […]

Valuing People and Strategic Communications in Crisis Leadership

Sound leadership communication underscores the real importance of putting people and communications at the centre of crisis leadership. Achieving a blend between these two critical aspects is the hallmark of effective crisis and people management and can ultimately define the post crisis stability of an organization Nelson Opany As a leader, among the key considerations […]

Young Conservationists on the Rise

Amidst the novel pandemic, young leaders have continued to rise exponentially by actively engaging their communities and even organizing thought-provoking webinars around nature-based solutions to the current crisis. Hope abounds as among our 1.3billion Africans, the 226 million #youngvoices are loud and clearly in formation as the first line of protection. Behold, the young African […]

Youth and World Peace

Introduction Why do we still have conflicts in the world today centuries after colonization? What are our governments doing to secure lasting peace? These are very pertinent questions that any concerned person should be asking. The ever increasing cases of insecurity, high costs of living, limited opportunities for employment and many other issues are causing […]

5 ways small businesses can grow from good PR

Contrary to popular view, Public Relations (PR) is not about propaganda. PR practice is about analysing trends, predicting their consequences, counselling organisation leaders, and implementing plans of action that will serve both the organisation’s and public’s interests.For small businesses, PR offers plenty of opportunities to hit new growth levels. Here are five ways a small […]

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