Nelson’s Diary: A Note from the Land of the Brave

What a perfect Scouting week! From meeting Scouts, adult volunteers and leaders of the National Scout Organisation to travelling across the country experiencing the impact of Scouting programmes in the community and meeting Scouting partners in the country. What more could I have asked for?

Celebrating the Power of Youth Work in the Commonwealth

I had the honour of representing the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) and the Commonwealth Alliance for Quality Youth Leadership at the 4th Commonwealth Conference on Youth Work which took place at the University of Reading, United Kingdom from 10-12 July 2023.

End of Mandate: Four Years of Service to Kanisa SACCO

After 4 years of service and due to changes in personal circumstances and priorities, I decided not to offer myself for re-election at the 41st Annual General Meeting on 11 March 2023 of Kanisa SACCO. It has been a challenging yet fulfilling experience with many lessons that I carry with me onto my next adventures wherever they may lead me.

Reflections from Mindelo: The State of the Africa-Europe Youth Cooperation

The Africa-Europe Youth Cooperation Programme is an initiative of the African Union and the European Union that enables exchanges between and the capacity-building of youth organisations, creating the framework and conditions for their active participation in the development of their societies, in decision/policymaking and in the implementation of the EU-Africa Strategic partnership.

Excited to take up new professional volunteering roles

I am happy to announce that I have accepted to take up two new professional volunteering roles. For the next two years, I will be serving as a Member of the Resource Mobilization and Partnerships Committee of the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK) – the professional body for public relations and communication management in […]

Live to Lead: Global Experts’ Perspectives on Leadership

In October 2019, I got an opportunity to attend the virtual Live2Lead Conference, hosted annually by the world-renowned leadership coach, John C. Maxwell. From the very inspiring and transformative talks, here are some perspectives from five leadership experts that spoke at the event which I hope will transform your view and approach to leadership, making […]

Five Lessons I Learned from Herman

We exchanged letters at least thrice every year – which he loved reading and replying to. In his honour, I would like to share a few lessons I picked from our correspondences with excerpts from the letters in his own words. Nelson Opany Last week when going through some of my stuff in the house […]

How Sponsorship Changed my Life

My sponsorship beneficiary experience is one without which I would not be the Nelson people know today – thanks to the generosity of total strangers. Looking back, I cannot be more grateful for the life-changing opportunity I got through these sponsorship programmes that allowed me to reclaim my life and make something out of the […]

My 13 Years Wait for a University Degree

Having waited for 13 years to achieve this milestone, I hope it inspires someone on what is possible when we remain hopeful, discover and pursue our passion, work hard and never stop dreaming. Whatever you desire is possible with determination. My encouragement is to never despair and to keep the faith. Go for it, as […]

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