I am happy to announce that I have accepted to take up two new professional volunteering roles. For the next two years, I will be serving as a Member of the Resource Mobilization and Partnerships Committee of the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK) – the professional body for public relations and communication management in Kenya. I have also been appointed an Advisor at Communipad Solutions, a Kenyan tech-based social enterprise start-up that helps institutions and associations to manage and engage their members from across the globe.

At PRSK, my role with other colleagues will be to execute a broad mandate of policy formulation and review; development, monitoring and evaluation of strategic interventions; and oversight of the Council on matters about resource mobilization and partnerships development. On the other hand, for Communipad, based on my expertise and experience, I will provide insights and guidance on the key strategic areas of business development, marketing and communications, community outreach and networking.

My motivation to take up these roles is driven by a desire to contribute my knowledge, skills and experiences for the development of the organizations. I have a particular interest in the sectors they work in, being a public relations and communication management practitioner and an active community builder, as they both present great potentials for growth and impact especially for young professionals like myself.

I also hope that while contributing to their causes, I will also draw from the wisdom and experiences of my colleagues there for both personal and professional development. Furthermore, through these engagements, I seek to inspire other young people not to shy away from taking up leadership roles of any nature and to seriously consider volunteerism as a path to personal improvement.

For these opportunities, I have given the assurance that I will endeavour to give my best at all times in the discharge of my duties in the assigned roles. Godspeed!

For more information about the Public Relations Society of Kenya visit https://www.prsk.co.ke. Also check out Communipad Solutions flagship project website https://alumnipad.com

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