Dear Friends,

For a couple of years, I have never shied away from sharing my life story with colleagues, friends and the young people I get the opportunity to interact with. This has always been inspired by a burning desire to allow others learn from the experiences and opportunities I have been fortunate to have to grow themselves and those around them with the ultimate goal of helping them overcome the vicious cycle of poverty.

In these interactions, many have encouraged me to package these experiences in a way that can help me reach out to more young people, particularly those who are struggling to understand themselves and define their own path to success in life. I am interested in engaging with young people who need some mentorship and guidance to navigate through the challenges of growing up in underprivileged circumstances with a vision to be a leading light for others.

I have several ideas about how this storytelling could possibly be structured, but I need your help to make it more helpful to the would-be audience – and not just me talking to myself about myself. I am looking for concepts that can lead me to producing the following as final products:

  1. Book – this could be a biography, an autobiography, or a memoir to be made available in print and digital formats. These could be built from a series of articles as well. Advice would be required on the best approach.
  2. Video(s) – could include a profile/portrait “about me” video, photo montage video and a series of thematic narrative videos covering perspectives on different topics and aspects of life to be made available through YouTube and other video distribution channels.
  3. Podcast(s) – radio-style audio productions about my experiences covering different topics and aspects of life to be made available for radios and other audio-streaming channels.
  4. Other Ideas – I also welcome ideas on any other viable products that could help to effectively carry the message.

I honestly don’t have any budget for this but would consider some form of compensation for the best concept(s) that would be able to get me to production stage of these intended final outputs. Resources allowing, the target is to have the products launched to the public in February 2023.

When it’s all done, I intend to monetize these products to meet the costs of production but most importantly to generate funds to support the non-profit activities of my budding organization, NelBen Foundation. I am therefore looking for someone or people (writers, journalists, cinematographers, branding experts, business strategists etc) who can buy into my vision in what could be a long-term collaboration for the benefit of young people in Kenya, Africa and beyond.

If you feel inspired and motivated to join me on this journey, please drop me an email at with your proposal and I will be sure to have a look at it and give you a response as soon as is practically possible. I will be happy to receive your proposals by Sunday, 4th July 2021 at the latest. Please include in your proposals the following:

  1. Production concept for any one or more of the expected products
  2. Outline of risks and challenges, including legal and intellectual property, with proposed mitigation measures
  3. Production budget with possible funding models and options to meet costs of production and distribution
  4. Analysis of possible revenue streams the project could generate with estimated projections.
  5. Evidence of your understanding and ability to deliver on the selected product(s)
  6. Your preferred compensation scheme for the concept development and actual production phases
  7. Motivation and any other expectations from your involvement in the project
  8. Any other information you feel is relevant for me to know

For some background information about me please visit, like my Facebook Page or follow me on Twitter: @nelsonopany and Instagram: @nelsonopany.

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