A composition by Nelson Opany dedicated to all those who grapple with the daily challenges of life to find their rightful places in this cruel and unfair world.

Sometimes I begin to wonder, and question myself;
Is anything ever fair in this world?
Many have fought for equality, fairness and justice,
For so long, yet still there exists a gap,
A discriminatory gap whose end nobody knows.

Take a look for instance;
What criteria or scale should be used,
To determine one’s success in life?
Should there be or should there not be a standard?
That is the big question.

But then what options are we left with anyway?
Is it ones level of education or the money he has?
Is it the property he owns or his intellectual ability?
Is it the grades we score in the examinations?
Or how ell we can run, play, sing or dance?

Is it where or how you live that should matter?
Or is it where you hail from and what language you speak?
Is it who your parents are or who you know?
Or is it how much you can give in exchange for a favor?

Should the school you went to be the determinant?
Or is it the hospital or shopping mall that you go to?
Is it whether you commute or drive your own car?
Or should the kind of job and your experience qualify you?

Is it the clubs and associations you join that say who you are?
Or is it the drinks you take and the food you eat?
Is it where you hangout and who your friends are?
Or is it the books you read that define your humanity?

Is it how much you earn and spend or how much you save?
Is it the color of your skin or the texture of your hair?
Or is it what you know, like or can do?
Or should it be your true ability and personality?

I really don’t know, and I don’t think anybody does,
But in the world today these are the benchmarks used,
To determine how successful and human we are,
It’s a pity that some are considered more human than others.

Discrimination of such kind,
Has denied many their rightful opportunities in life,
Confined their minds in poverty and failure,
And limited their ability to achieve their dreams.

Yes, we live in a democratic and free world,
Where one has freedom to express their own opinions,
But it is unfair to give judgment on ones status,
Disregarding the unique circumstances each of us lives in.
We’re all human and successful in our own ways,
And it would be very insulting to ones dignity,
To be considered a failure despite our relentless efforts.
After all, we have never been the same,
And for as long as we remain human, we shall never be.
But is anything ever fair in this world?

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