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Nelson Opany is a Public Relations and Communications Management Professional with more than five years continuous experience, with one and a half years in a managerial role in the international nonprofit sector.

Besides his professional work, Nelson is a long time Scout with a passion for volunteering, leadership, youth empowerment and supporting development of social enterprises at local, national, regional and international levels.

He currently sits in the Boards of Kanisa Savings and Credit Cooperative Society, Kanisa Holdings and the Network of International Youth Organizations in Africa and Fanaka Welfare Group. Mr. Opany is a member of the Public Relations Society of Kenya, Africa Scout Foundation, Old Starehian Society and Kenya Scouts Association where he once served as National Youth Representative and board member.

Together with his wife, they run NelBen Foundation, a family charity started in 2019 to inspire and empower young people in disadvantaged communities with skills, opportunities and resources for personal and community development.

Nelson has travelled to at least 24 countries worldwide as a leader, facilitator, rapporteur, activist, volunteer and consultant. He has worked in multinational teams on non-formal education, youth development, environmental conservation and peacebuilding.

With his mantra “Aspire for Better”, Nelson is guided by a set of personal values that include: Respect and Dignity; Honesty and Integrity; Fairness and Equity; Hard and Smart Work; Leadership and Service; and Family and Friendships.

Mr. Opany works as Manager, Communications and Partnerships at the Africa Regional Office of the World Organization of the Scout Movement. He lives in Nairobi, Kenya with his wife and their two sons.

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Leadership Model

Purpose: Discovering and pursuing your own purpose and helping others with theirs
Influence: Using your position and power to influence others positively while learning from the experience yourself
Impact: Focusing on creating positive, sustainable people-centered change and building a legacy worth emulating.

Boards & Committees

Nelson currently sits in the Boards and Committees of: Kanisa SACCO Society, Kanisa Holdings, Network of International Youth Organizations in Africa, Fanaka Welfare Group and NelBen Foundation

Awards and Honours

Nelson has been recognized and honoured with the World Scout Messengers of Peace Hero Award, and a Letter of Commendation and Lion Scout Award by the Kenya Scouts Association.

Around the World

Nelson has travelled to Belgium, Botswana, Burundi, Canada, Cape Verde, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Hong Kong, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, Niger, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Seychelles, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe.


What People Say

James Ouma Kenya

Nelson's passion, dedication and commitment to communicate and bring stories to life is laudable. I highly recommend him for his exemplary story telling. (2020)

David Venn Canada/Malaysia

Nelson performed impressively with limited resources and a few HR transitions. He approached his work with detail and dedication. I think he is a great writer and an excellent communicator of ideas. (2019)

Ray Charles Musau Kenya

Through his mature leadership of the young people in Scouting, Kenya achieved a lot both nationally and internationally. As a member of the National Executive Committee, Nelson continuously and constructively championed the issues of young people. (2015)

Moses Danda Kenya

Nelson is honest, self-driven and has great skills and experiences in a various areas. We are proud of him as a good ambassador of the principles and ideals of the Scouting movement. (2015)

Greig Whitehead Australia/Kenya

Nelson showed admirable management and communication skills, great commitment and dedication to his tasks. He is resolute in his approach to work, is very dependable, honest and trsutworthy. He is a self-motivated leader who is able to get along well with all the people he meets. (2015)

Frederic T. Kama- KamaDR Congo/Kenya

He is mature, hardworking and performs with diligence, discernment and integrity; and demonstrates a degree of creativity. Nelson has always shown great interest in his work and fulfils his tasks expeditiously. (2014)

John Mwaura Kenya

A proactive and energetic person with good leadership potential. Nelson has proven to be a reliable, persistent, courteous and well-focused professional. (2014)

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