A Speech written and read by Nelson Ochieng Opany at the official Closing Ceremony of the 14th International Youth Gathering for Cultural Exchange on Monday, July 18, 2011 at the Cairo International Scout Centre in the Arab Republic of Egypt, on behalf of the Africa Scout Region.

My dear brothers and sisters in Scouting,

It is with great joy and honor that I stand before you today as we come to the end of this 14th International Youth Gathering for Cultural Exchange. I feel especially happy because of the beautiful moments we have shared during our stay in this wonderful country of Egypt.

On behalf of my colleagues from Africa Scout Region present here and on behalf of all the Scout Associations of Africa, The Africa Scout Regional Office and all the people of Africa; I wish to convey our most sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the Arab Scout Region and the people of Egypt. We do not take for granted the opportunity you gave us to be part of this very memorable event. Thank you for your support and hospitality.

In a very special way, allow me to appreciate Dr. Mahmoud, Dr. Anwar, Montaser and the entire organizing committee for their hard work in preparing and running this event successfully. We are grateful and very proud of you.

To the People of Egypt;

You have a very beautiful country endowed with very many precious things. Despite the tough times that you are going through at this moment in your political history, you have all reasons to proud of your country. I ask you to appreciate this and never take it for granted. For your friendship and brotherhood we say, “Ahsante Sana” meaning thank you very much.

To my Fellow Participants;

We have had a most wonderful and memorable time together. Though it was short-lived, it is my hope that the love, friendship and brotherhood formed between us will last and grow stronger over the years to come. We have learnt a lot from each other and I encourage all of us to take the knowledge back home and use for the development of Scouting, yourself and the creation of a better world for all.

Finally, brethren, let us always endeavor to be true scouts. Do not forget the song I taught you “Skauti Chama Chema”:

Skauti chama chema (*3)

Chenye upendo na amani

Moyo wangu wanituma vyema

Niwe mwanaskauti wa daima

Sitaweza kuiacha skauti

Ila moyo kunituma

Harambee (*3)

Tuijenge skauti

Moreover, always remember your unending call to be “Messengers of Peace”. May the good Lord bless you and grant you journey mercies back home. Shukran!

Your Brother from Kenya,


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