Dear Friends

Allow me to share with you briefly some of the key outcomes in relation to one of the key themes of the congress-Our society! So, what the kind of society do we want to prepare our members for?

During the three days we discussed what are the societal trends that Scouting should respond to?

Societies are changing and new challenges emerging. Among the identified trends that Scouting needs to focus on include:

• Marginalization of various sectors of society

• Increasing cases of violence in and out of the movement

• High rates of unemployment, especially among young people

• Social inequality

• Exponential growth opportunity for our Movement

• Urbanization-which brings with it numerous challenges

• Responding to secularization as societies progress, particularly through modernization and rationalization

• Increased awareness on the need and our responsibility to care for the environment

Having discussed the trends you also reflected on how these trends affect Scouting and why we should care?

It is very evident that these changes in society:

• Affect the well-being and prospects of young people; and being a youth movement we need to be responsive

• Increase competition for people and resources. Opportunities are limited so we need to find ways to widen the options

• Impact on the relevance and the way we deliver the Scout Programme. Our programme and educational strategies should conform to the changing realities

Moving forward, what then can we do to respond to these issues?

The congress proposed the following as possible actions that we can take as a Movement:

• Promoting the recognition of Scouting among all stakeholders in society and showing them that indeed Scouting works.

• We need to engage more with society to promote the social impact and active citizenship of Scouts in Society. We need to connect with society and communicate our work to make the impact of the movement felt

• Empowerment and responsibility should be core elements of our youth programme. This is best summarized by Dr. Khaled’s point on “Building the Platform”

• Adopt our volunteering opportunities to more diverse adult population. Scouting should make adults feel the need to support the movement not only because of the value it adds to them but also for the opportunity it provides them to contribute to society

• We need to break the bubble, openly discuss secularization and take action on issues affecting our Societies

• Finally and most critically, we should reinforce the Scout Method and focus on our core purpose as a Movement.

Thank you for your attention, ladies and gentlemen!

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